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Online Marketing Assistance with Aarkwebsolutions

We don’t just make your websites, we build your business.

Aarkwebsolutions, prioritizes YOU first. In this digital globe, competition is rising at alarming rate, making it hard to generate significant traffic for your website. Our objective is to make you reach the heights of success you have imagined for yourself. We are formed to meet the ground of technology and creativity, keeping in mind the fast changing online world.

The thing in which we believe is that no problem is too huge and there’s nothing that doesn’t have a solution. Our company not only provides a matter of technological knowledge, but an out of the box thinking as well, which would help in the success of online presence. Our skillfully trained and greatly experienced google search engine optimization experts are focused to make your business reach the next level of performance.

Not only do we design, create, and maintain your website, but, we market your website as well, by using smo, email marketing, social media, and many more methods. Our abilities are geared to offer you with the highest quality, tailor made solution that will cater to your specific demands and requirements.

One small thing left- ‘Expect nothing less than perfect’.

Refund Policy:

Aarkwebsolution refund policy is developed using established procedures and strictly complies with industry standards and norms. In our refund policy, we take a fair assessment method. All refund requests will be carefully assessed while taking into account crucial factors. We make sure that decisions are both rational and acceptable to all parties. We draft the refund policy with the intention of treating each claim fairly regardless of its source, be it a requirement, a circumstance, or the provision of services.

Initially, we provide a short demo of your project in MS Teams, Google Meet, or Skype within 4-5 Working days.

If your services include products that are available in ready form with us such as Server setup, Email, Live chat, Informative training on basic computer courses, or services, then we provide you within 5-7 working days.

The details such as username password and other confidential details will be sent with the password authentication to you within 5-7 working days through tracking details.

In the second case, if the product has to be developed from scratch such as (Database, Admin, Software, Web Pages, or Website Development), It will take a minimum 15 working days. Please note that the duration of the service will also be based on your product.

We will ensure to provide you with 100% satisfaction from our end and if in case you are not satisfied with our service then you can claim a partial return.

Fully refund of the service taken will only be applicable after the customer survey.

The refund will be reflected in your bank within 15-20 Working days.

We will send you a confirmation email once we have refunded your amount.

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