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Aarkwebsolution publishes PR across its own network of websites, also to major social media, as a result they are picked up by search engines, aggregators, and RSS subscribers, Google News, bringing you high-value, long tail benefit.

PR can be sent through our website by registered Aarkwebsolution users, or directly if you email them to us. They can be sent as pure text or HTML, complete with embedded video or images at no extra cost.

Before send-out, a human editor checks every PR for typos, broken links, spelling mistakes, corrupt formatting and missing images to make sure recipients and search engine always receive a perfect message. We then test send each release to make sure it always reaches the receivers Inbox folders, averting of overzealous junk/spam filters.

Tracking Report

As PR are distributed, our unique system tracks each receivers and keeps a record of who opened them, how long they were read for, whether they were forwarded and how many times they were read. This offers you hugely valuable information to evaluate pick-up metrics from one PR to another, also offering you with a roadmap for following-up with your keys targets.
Tracking Reports are delivered to you a week after the distribution, in Excel format, and show you:

Each of the main contacts who received and opened your PR, it doesn’t display any of the recipients who received the PR but didn’t open it (remember, number of people read their messages in the preview pane of Viewpoint, etc.)
Where we recognize that a receiver has opened your release and viewed it for more than 4 seconds, we take in their position, name, telephone number, and publication title, for following-up reasons.

Where there are numerous openings of your release, it could mean that the same reporters are returning to it or that they opened it and forwarded it to an associate, who has then also viewed it.
The average metrics offer at the top of the table display the number of opens, number of reads and how long an email read for- this is invaluable when comparing one releases against another, particularly if you put multiple releases through Aarkwebsolution in future, allowing you to tweak the language and presentation of future releases to increase pick-up and efficiency.

We associate all our customers PR across our own network of websites also through social media like facebook, twitter, feedburner, delicious and dig. We offer long-lasting links to our releases and drive them onto Google News, content, promoting your keywords, and links to major, and search engines for the long-term, offering quality back-links which will boost your search engine rankings and page rank for years to come.

Why Aarkwebsolution for PR Distribution?
Press Release conceptualization consultancy

• Making sure that the PR is search engine friendly
• Optimized PR in terms of keywords
• Guaranteed exposure to all industry leaders via PR
• Geo targeting allows press distribution
• Option include graphics, HTML, audio or video files